Care of your Titano accordion

How important?


These superb instruments are virtually fault free provided they are given the care and attention they deserve. Titano Accordions of all prices have been sold to clients in all walks of life and we have found that the instruments on which we do the least servicing are those played by professional musicians who are using them daily for hours and transporting them frequently.

These professionals realise the necessity of careful handling to ensure that their accordion will be perfect for the next and every future performance.

Here are the points these artists are careful to observe:

1. Always have your accordion polished and looking its best. You will find you will give a better performance with it, even at home.
2. Very Important - Always keep your accordion in a dry warm place (body temperature) and never leave it to freeze in a car or boot of car on frosty nights. This is specially damaging to our handmade reed instruments as tolerances are so close the heavy reed plates contract and may damage the reeds, especially if you attempt to play it while cold. Indoors, never leave it in or out of the case on cold concrete. Always see it is on carpet or something warm.
3. Be most careful removing or replacing the accordion in the case. If you are not sure ask your teacher or agent how to do this without the risk of bending bass notes or lifting treble keys. Generally the treble keyboard goes in first and the bass end follows, with the straps lying along the keyboard, or some advise leaving the straps at back of accordion and tucking them up one end (nearest chin) and then placing in the case as stated.
4. When taking the accordion off, put it down carefully and gently. Do not allow it to more or less drop the last two or three cm, as this can cause misalignment of valves and bass mechanism, resulting in leaks and bass notes murmuring.
5. Many people take the accordion off and put it down, intending to play a little later, stand it up in its open case and the bass buttons catch on the rim of the case, thus bending one or more of the diminished bass buttons, causing the notes to stick down when they go to play again. This should be avoided at all times.
6. Do not leave the accordion on the floor where people are moving around and liable to kick it and cause faults, such as damaging bellows corners or bending bass buttons or treble keys.
7. Please do not take it to pieces as this has resulted in many cases in much service work that would otherwise have been avoided.
8. Please be careful of your Titano Accordion and follow these simple instructions, as the most discerning workmanship and highest quality materials have been used in the construction, and if treated carefully in all circumstances, these superb instruments can last a lifetime.

Remember! - Titano is Proven Quality. . . .
all you have to do is take care of it.


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