From the birthplace of the accordion, Castelfidardo, Italy, come the world famous Titano Accordions. Over the years, renowned craftsmen have fashioned the superb Titano musical instruments, blending modern technology with the time-honored techniques handed down from one generation to the next.

Even today, these instruments are largely crafted by hand, in the age-old Titano tradition of uncompromising tonal beauty and superb workmanship. Excellent in design, exclusive features and quality components, Titano offers every accordionist from beginner to artist, an instrument to encourage performance by gratifying desire to accomplish and facilitating full development of musical skills. Titano Accordions are esteemed as the outstanding vehicle for achievement in accordion artistry.

To develop these instruments, Titano worked closely with leading accordion classicists such as Bill Palmer and Bill Hughes (famed for their Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course), Robert Davine, William Schimmel, Pauline Oliveros, Donald Balestrieri, Carmelo Pino, William Popp, Joan Cochran Sommers, Harley Jones, Yuan Fang, Carl Elmer, Lloyd LaVaux and others.

Over the years Titano accordions became the standard for use in colleges and universities which offered the instrument as a major course of study. The first such program commenced in 1946 at the University of Houston in Texas, where Bill Palmer introduced it to scores of young accordionists who majored on the instrument. Through Palmer's wide experience in the arena of higher education and his memorable concert work with the late Bill Hughes, Titano accordions were further perfected to meet the rigid standards required for advanced music education as well as concert performance.

Titano manufactures both converter quint free bass and converter chromatic free bass such as the usual B or C systems or the inverted Russian B-system. The firm pioneered the development of the quint free bass as an adjunct to the stradella (standard) bass system (the free bass disengages the pre-set bass chords, permitting the player to form desired chords or play single notes, as the music may require). While other free bass systems bore no relation to the standard stradella basses, Titano's converter quint accordions used the very same note sequence that accordionists already knew from their stradella basses, without the free bass mechanism adding size or weight.

The firm originated with Ed and Dorothy Traficante in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who sought a quality instrument line to offer in their Traficante chain of music schools, which required accordions designed for trouble-free music education.

In 1965, Ernest Deffner purchased the Titano Accordion Company and gave the task of redirecting its scope to his wife, Faithe Deffner, who had a solid background in publicity and public relations as well as working knowledge of instrument design and performance requirements. Over the years, the Ernest Deffner firm expanded the line, worked to develop accordion study programs at universities and colleges, and made great strides in broadening the Titano channels of distribution.

North American distribution grew substantially through a network of the foremost music schools and teachers serviced by the Deffner firm. Canadian sales mushroomed through the efforts of Fred Kent who operated Mid-West Musical Instruments of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with his partner, Loren Cartwright. Titano quickly became the leading brand in the countries where it was sold.

Titano Accordions (New Zealand) Limited began in 1957 by the late Allan Jones and within a few years dominated the New Zealand market. His widow, Marie Jones continued the business with their son Maurice who has expanded distribution to include Australia and the South Pacific where the Titano brand enjoys great success.

In 1990, Harley Jones became involved as an owner of Titano International and its distribution.

In 2007 Busso Music, Director Frank Busso took over the distribution of Titano Accordions for North America from companies owned by Faithe Deffner and moved the North American distribution to Virginia.

In 2009, Faithe Deffner had the Titano logo updated and put online on this site.


In 2009,Faithe Deffner travelled to New Zealand to the 2009 Coupe Mondiale to accept an international award for her many years of service to the accordion world. Faithe Deffner was also honored by the New Zealand Accordion Association.

From 2009 on, Faithe Deffner made various product development changes and additions to the Titano range and also oversaw the revised Titano.com website with new logo and artwork being incorporated.

In 2014, after a period of poor health, Faithe Deffner sadly passed away in Florida.

In the markets where it is best known, Titano accordions have been played by more national champions during the last 30 years than any other brand, in fact probably all other brands combined. Titano enjoys great prominence in concert halls, at colleges, and among top name accordion orchestras. The ever growing list of important soloists, groups and orchestras featuring Titano attests to Titano's dedication to the accordionist.

From beginner to artist Titano delivers an instrument to encourage the finest efforts and to facilitate the full development of potential musical skills. These are the qualities which have propelled Titano accordions to the musical forefront where they are esteemed as an outstanding vehicle for achievement in accordion artistry.

For those who seek the finest, Titano offers a world of free flowing vibrant tones, balanced design for playing ease and an amazing array of tonal colorations. If you are a musician who demands a light responsive action to outpace your fastest fingering, this too is one of the many superb features which are yours in a Titano!

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